Ambrosio orbium!!

Welcome to the story of the National Sweet of India

Indian cuisine is perhaps one of the richest, most varied and greatest gastronomic experiences on the planet. Every corner of this vast sub-continent teems with myriad culinary creations - based on a breathtaking range of indigenous fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, condiments and flesh. For the gourmet, a journey across India is like a journey across a thousand countries - a journey crammed with adventures expected and unexpected with every meal. But the common thread that binds them all is the essential component of each repast - the dessert. And though the variety that satiates the Indian sweet tooth is equally diverse, there is one sweet that towers over all - from North to South to East to West - a sweet of legend and folklore - an inspired creation of ambrosial taste the like of which exists nowhere else on Earth.

This site is dedicated to the story of the incomparable Rossogolla. The ambrosial orbs of India.

The King of Sweets
Classical Rossogolla
A Different Flavour
Rossogolla flavoured with palm jaggery
Gur Rossogolla